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Photographs & Documents

We've collected hundreds of photographs and documents cataloguing the history of protest and activism against war--particularly, the Vietnam War--among students, soldiers, and residents of the Pacific Northwest. The galleries are organized by theme and event. Click on an image below to be taken to a special thematic album.

Antiwar GI Newspapers

A collection of Vietnam-era underground newspapers from active-duty soldiers and veterans at Ft. Lewis

Steve Ludwig Photograph Collection

Photographs from the University of Washington SDS chapter, digitized from the collection of former SDS member Steve Ludwig


Fred Lonidier Draft Resistance-Seattle Collection

Photographs and documents from the activities of Draft Resistance-Seattle, photographed and collected by Fred Lonidier

UW Student Activism, Vietnam Era

Documents from SDS, the Women's Liberation committee of SDS, the GI-Civilian Alliance for Peace, Draft Resistance-Seattle, and the Young Socialist Alliance at the UW

SDS News, University of Washington

Issues of SDS News from the University of Washington, October 1967 to April 1968, digitized from Steve Ludwig's private collection

May 1970 Student Strike

Documents from the May 1970 Student Strike at the University of Washington, digitized from Steve Ludwig's private collection


Roger Lippman Collection

Newspaper articles about the Seattle Liberation front from Roger Lippmans's private collection

Steve Hudziak Collection

Seattle Liberation Front publications and posters from Steve Hudziak's private collection