Edwin Lindo, JD

Professor Lindo has embarked on the journey to ask and explore the hard questions of Race & Racism within the institutions of Medicine and Law. Professor Lindo brings the interdisciplinary study of Critical Race Theory, Lat Crit, and others to Medicine and Law so we can better learn how Racism detrimentally affects our health, our learning, our teaching, and justice.


As faculty in the Department of Family Medicine and Affiliate Faculty in the Department of Bioethics and Humanities, Professor Lindo has developed curriculum and teaches Critical Race Theory and Medicine; and provides student and faculty development around the issues of race and equity in medical education and patient care.


Professor Lindo is also the Assistant Dean for Social and Health Justice within the Office of Healthcare Equity at the University of Washington School of Medicine. His research and scholarship has focused on the history of racialized medicine, race & racism within medicine, social justice and social movements, and decolonized pedagogies for critical education. Professor Lindo is also the creator and host of The Praxis Podcast – a podcast focused on addressing racism within medicine in all its forms. Lastly, he is an internationally recognized speaker and thinker on these critical issues.