Undergraduate Fellows

undergradsym2The purpose of the Undergraduate Fellowship Program is to provide undergraduates with opportunities to participate in the academic research process. Many Fellows subsequently pursue graduate studies and have been admitted to M.A. and Ph.D. programs at Berkeley, Cornell, Harvard, MIT, Princeton, Rochester, and the University of Washington among others.


As an Undergraduate Fellow, you will:


Commitment and Prerequisites

Students enroll for 5 independent research credits (POL S 499 D) for each of the three quarters of the academic year. The last 5 credits taken in spring quarter count toward the major. In addition, Fellows are strongly encouraged (if they have not already) to enroll in POL S 205 (Research Methods for Political Scientists) or an equivalent course.

Applicants must be Political Science majors or minors.


Certificate and Letter of Recommendation

A student who completes the Fellowship receives a Center for American Politics and Policy Undergraduate Fellows certificate, and (upon request) a letter of recommendation from a faculty member who can speak knowledgeably about a Fellow’s abilities and interests.



The program begins each Autumn quarter. Applications are accepted starting the previous Spring and are considered on a rolling basis until all positions are filled. For more information please contact the Political Science Advising Office (215A Smith Hall; 543-1824), or visit the Center (221 Smith Hall). Visit the application page for more details.

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