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Do you think the quest for change futile?
Don’t you know?
            The sky isn’t the limit.  

Going abroad didn’t change nothing.
Just clarified what I already knew.
The darkness finally shone.
Truth once averted,
now spilling from my soul.

See how broken the world is?
Whatever seemed daunting before,
seems unattainable now.
we are divided.
Pepsi-Cola and Coca Cola get a cut.
Everyone is getting a cut off black bodies.
The government has its own agenda,
our people are bargaining chips,
when the party is over,
throw them away.

Do they speak to you of a post-racial society?
Lies about progress,
falsified reports,
statistics that prove nothing.

Did they tell you “it’s business”?
There is no business.
It’s tradition,
taking away human lives.
Pregnant women who don’t eat,
grandfathers with knives stuck in their back,
and grandmothers living in a shack.

You know why the roads aren’t paved?
Because to get out you must fly,
soar above.
When you fall,
get back up.

Others choose to face the lion,
with its dark circles and golden mane.
He looks like a potential friend.
But he waits till he catches the weakest member.
Then he feasts with his pride.
The freshest meal they’ve had in a while.
It’s nature and the witnesses watch,
taking pictures,
marveling at the beauty of the kill.

There is no rising out of the ashes.
The vultures finish off the bones.
Nothing left to resurrect.

But Stardust,
You are dynamic.

Going abroad is a double-take,
a chance to listen to the space between the voices.
A chance to take the good with the bad.
And a chance fall in love with a new set of mountains.

By the end you’ll feel the impact.
Your sparks are now more powerful,
ignite the world as you rise.

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