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Not Lost in Translation

With so many expectations, Japan did not let me down at all, not even a little bit. In fact, my trip there was so wonderful and smooth. The only chaos I felt was the chaos of exploration, trying to capture as much as possible within the limited time I could spend there. I had tasted so many food and drinks, been to the countryside and city, experienced traditions and modernity. I always thought that one can only grow from struggles and learn the most from failures. Thus, I did not think this super positive and happy trip would make a huge impact on me. But months later, I could notice those visible changes in myself. Then I started to realize the positive side of something can be a powerful but invisible influence, changing me smoothly and slowly,  making a better version of me.

These drawings show my experiences and what I enjoyed seeing in Japan.  Strangers’ faces, buildings, temples—every little thing adds something to me, just like every small mark I made in the illustrations. And finally, they become powerful enough to make a great impact on me: they opened my mind, broadened my world, allowed me to acknowledge my privileges, gave me inspirations, courage and confidence, and at last, brought me an awareness that helps me live my life more wisely.

A drawing of two train stations

A drawing of two people, a tree, and a church

A drawing of plates of food

A drawing of a girl and alcoholic drinks

A drawing of a park and a hand holding tickets

A drawing of a landscape

A drawing of a small child

A drawing of a subway train in Japan

A drawing of a subway train in Japan

A drawing of two streetscapes in Japan

A drawing of a girl next to a city street

A drawing of several college-age people



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