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Artist’s statement: This laundry line was strung up when a student travelled to the Amalfi Coast and was without access to a laundromat. She waved her underwear proudly in the Italian sun. Jennifer RempeJennifer is a senior studying Business Administration with a focus in Finance. She participated in the Foster School Rome Program 2014.

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Mornings in Italy

This day started out like the rest. Sun crept through the window of my room, waking me from a peaceful slumber. I rolled out from under my sheets, removing the cocoon I had forged out of an assortment of blankets splattered with strange but now endearing cartoon characters, and quickly put myself together. Still half […]

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Firmes en la fe

I feel the warmth of the sun as it shines through the windows. I look around and I see decorations typical of a Catholic Church: the altar, the crucifix, candles, and paintings. Sitting in the University of Washington Catholic Newman Center brings back a flood of memories that tie my life in Washington State and […]

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