UW Center for Human Neuroscience

Neuroscan EEG System

Thanks to the generosity of the Linguistics department, a Compumedics Neuroscan EEG system, located in a quiet room in CHN (Kincaid Hall), is available to interested researchers across UW.

The system comes with its dedicated stimulus delivery system (Cedar trigger box, Stim2 software) and data acquisition system (64-channel SymAmpRT, Curry software).

It can record at sampling up to 20k Hz.

An elastic cap (Adult Medium) with 64 channels is currently available for use.

Investigators are responsible for obtaining IRB approval as well as costs associated with staffing, training and consumable supplies.

To gain access to this resource please email chnadmin@uw.edu and ionefine@uw.edu.

Once approved for using the system you can book time on the calendar here.