UW Center for Human Neuroscience

May 11, 2021

Update on CHN-MRI

An email list has been set up CHN-MRI. If you would like to be added (or removed) from this list, please email chnadmin@uw.edu

Construction of the MRI suite in Kincaid hall is complete, and the Siemens 3T Prisma was delivered in December, and was ramped up and shimmed in January 2021. We are excited to announce the first T1, T2, and BOLD images were soon collected soon after and things look great.

We remain on schedule and are expecting to be open for business by June 1.

For more information, check out the for Researchers page.

We’d like to thank NSF, the UW administration and department chairs (especially Cheryl Kaiser and Stephen Majeski) for their support and feedback! Please contact chnadmin@uw.edu or johnp@uw.edu if you have any questions or additional thoughts about the center.