2017 QuantNet Ranking: #12!

Just barely six years after launching our MS and improving on last year’s #14 spot, we are thrilled to announce that QuantNet’s 2017 ranking of programs has again recognized our program as one of the top financial engineering MS degrees in the country. Our 2017 composite score left us just one point away from a three-way tie for 10th place with MIT and Georgia Tech. CFRM looks forward to joining the top 10 soon.

We’d like to extend special thanks for these efforts to our current and former faculty, including Professors Tim Leung, Doug Martin, Steve Golbeck, Guy Yollin, Kjell Konis, Eric Zivot, and Matt Lorig, along with our great crew of affiliate instructors, including Dan Hanson, Steve Murray, Jay Henniger, John Stewart, Winston Pun, and Brian Peterson. The CFRM team’s tireless placement efforts also deserve a notable mention, given the important role of internship and career opportunities for students and graduates.

CFRM’s proven track record of blending instruction from industry and academia and focusing on practical skills that transfer directly into the finance profession, including an emphasis on cost effective education and internship experience, helps us to maintain this forward momentum.  We are thankful to all of our current and former students, instructors, staff, guest speakers, and hiring partners for their efforts to make the CFRM program the success it is today and which we will continue to build in the future.