CFRM Students Enjoy Spring Social Events


On Thursday, April 18, CFRM students, faculty and staff participated in the first official “CFRM Game Night.” Over pizza, groups played UNO, Settlers of Catan, poker, and Scattergories. Professor Ryan Donnelly was victorious in both rounds of Settlers of Catan, while graduate student Steven Song won a marathon game of UNO that lasted nearly two hours.

“I had a great time even though I massively lost,” said Karen Beaudry, Career Services Manager. “I’m looking forward to our next CFRM Game Night to dethrone Professor Donnelly.”


On Thursday, May 16, CFRM students, faculty and staff watched as the Seattle Mariners took on the Minnesota Twins at T-Mobile Park. Our second annual trip to the ballpark was a success, even though the Mariners lost 11-6. Professor Tim Leung, who ate lime and chili-dusted fried grasshoppers last year, did not partake in the protein-packed snack this time, instead opting for local favorite Fat’s Chicken.

For the students unfamiliar with baseball, there were classmates on-hand to explain the rules of the game. The teams had a combined 24 total hits, which resulted in a thrilling evening, even though the home team ended the night with a loss.