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University of Washington’s Disability and D/deaf Cultural Center

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The D Center is UW’s Disability and d/Deaf Cultural center, located in the Husky Union Building – Room 327, a space where students can study, organize, rest and attend events and programs focusing on supporting and celebrating disability and D/deaf communities at thew UW and beyond!

Throughout the year the D Center hosts events, programs and workshops focusing on supporting and celebrating UW disability and D/deaf communities. 


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Disability Connections:
The UW Disability Center Blog

We want to hear from you!

We are seeking to share stories and lived experiences of disability and d/Deaf community members for the UW Disability Connections Blog. If you are a UW student, staff, faculty, or alumni and have a story, perspective or experience you would like to share please fill out our questionnaire.
Submissions can be anonymous.

Questions? Email Grace at dcenter@uw.edu




Update from UW on 1/19/21: Majority of classes will be held online for upcoming Spring 2021

The D Center’s physical space in the Husky Union Building is closed due to Covid-19. 

However the DC is working to support  and celebrate disability and D/deaf communities at the UW and beyond.

The DC is excited to host events and programs online as the Winter 2021 Quarter progresses.

Please follow us on our social media channels to learn of upcoming programs, events and news.

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