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Phone Scoop is a comprehensive resource for mobile phone shoppers, users, enthusiasts, and professionals, focusing on the U.S. market boasting the largest mobile phone information database.

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iSkoot extends the reach of PC Calling by allowing users to make and receive PC Calls using only their regular cell phones.

Customers can extend their parking time using their mobile phones,, without needing to run back to their cars.

Mobile UI Design Guidelines
Due to their small form developing an user interface for Smartphone devices is significantly different from their web or desktop equivalents. Here are some bookmarks for user interface design guidelines published on MSDN for both Smartphones and Pocket PC's including the WM 5.0 design guidelines.

Some Mobile UI guidelines that take into consideration that the US is not the only audience for Mobile products.

HCI Bibliography : HCI Webliography : HCI Sites
The HCI Sites page is a collection of resources on Human-Computer Interaction. The HCI Webliography maintains special-interest lists of links on:
Accessibility - making computers and software accessible to persons with disabilities
Education - programs, courses, and resources for teaching
Intercultural Resources - internationalization, translation, and localization
Kids and Computers - interactive media for children and adolescents

SiPhone also introduces an entirely new user interface based on a large multi-touch display and pioneering new software, letting you control everything with just your fingers.
Pick it up and you'll notice a large color touchscreen and an easy-type keyboard. Since the Treo 680 is just the right size, you have the freedom to take it anywhere and still be connected to friends, work, and family5. Of course, there's also something called an "off" button, for when you don't want to be connected at all.

Virgin Mobile
Helio is a new mobile brand created to give young, passionate consumers the type of wireless experience we've all been waiting for. Their goal is to connect friends with friends.

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Blogroll providing up to date changes in the mobile phone industry; phones, technologies and services.

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Mobile Design is now a discussion list to provide a better of level of interaction for the burgeoning mobile design community.