Stitch aims to break down the stereotype that social interactions and technology are mutually exclusive. We intend to change the idea that when a person is on their phone or computer, they are not engaged in the world around them. We are using technology as a way to spark conversation, not hinder it. Stitch is a smart fabric patch that displays a person’s aggregated web app updates (such as social media, music, and news article titles), and is re-attachable to clothing and accessories such as purses. Stitch uses e-ink to display the user’s aggregated web app updates. Users may select from a variety of e-ink colors for their monochrome display.

Ashley Lehning

Physical Interaction Design

This physical interaction design project was developed in response to a curiosity about what types of wildlife activity was happening when we were not around, and a desire to document those creatures. We developed an Arduino set up that recognized motion and triggered a infrared LED light to mimic a camera remote. That imitated camera remote light would cause the DSLR camera (housed in our specially designed “bird house”) to take a picture. The camera would then upload the captured images via wifi and the images would be subsequently posted to Flickr. This system enables users to remotely keep a finger on the pulse of wildlife activity happening around their home.

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Nudge reduces the spread of infectious diseases by improving immune health and limiting the user’s exposure to germs. It is made up of patches worn like temporary tattoos on each wrist. The patches are equipped with sensors that monitor the individual’s vitamin and hydration levels, and them when they should drink water or take a vitamin.

The primary way pathogens enter the body are through the eyes, nose or mouth, so Nudge buzzes to alert the user whenever they are about to touch their face, thereby decreasing the likelihood of germ transmission. Nudge is a temporary solution that helps train individuals how to live healthier, and can also be used as a preventative mechanism during times of increased health risk.

Additional Contributors:
Rijuta Trivedi
Hadiza Ismail
Smitha Bhat Bharadwaj
Soomin Chang

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