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Exploring artists and their chosen media, while at the same time acting as an artistic medium in the hands of the reader, each issue of Medium Magazine exists to be dismantled and transformed into something entirely new. In this opening spring issue we take a short walk with Richard Long, Jenny Holzer tells your fortune, and perforated pages of David Lynch quotes become wristbands worth remembering.

Maddie Eiden


Nudge reduces the spread of infectious diseases by improving immune health and limiting the user’s exposure to germs. It is made up of patches worn like temporary tattoos on each wrist. The patches are equipped with sensors that monitor the individual’s vitamin and hydration levels, and them when they should drink water or take a vitamin.

The primary way pathogens enter the body are through the eyes, nose or mouth, so Nudge buzzes to alert the user whenever they are about to touch their face, thereby decreasing the likelihood of germ transmission. Nudge is a temporary solution that helps train individuals how to live healthier, and can also be used as a preventative mechanism during times of increased health risk.

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Rijuta Trivedi
Hadiza Ismail
Smitha Bhat Bharadwaj
Soomin Chang

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Make-It Market

Make-It Market is a centrally located grocery store in a college community with the mission of educating students about shopping and cooking efficiently. This marketplace caters to the needs of single shoppers by offering portioned and competitively priced products to discourage students from making ‘more for my money’ shopping decisions. The market offers an in-store, interactive cooking experience that implements a rotating selection of recipes created around fluctuating stock levels. Young people broaden their culinary knowledge while learning the importance of using food efficiently.

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