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Plan Hangouts

Hangouts with your friends are fun, informal, and sometimes spontaneous. Planning hangouts should be, too. Let’s combines the casual feel of text messaging with conveniences that eliminate the pain of coordinating everyone’s schedules and preferences.


The Difference

Social dynamics within a group of friends heavily influenced my design. User-research and an analysis of similar products and services confirmed my presumption that the majority of people by default prefer for other people to make the decision for them when it comes to planning to hang out. Products like Facebook are too formal because they require the organizer to know all details of an event in advance. Whereas products like Doodle may be more collaborative, but they are stand alone and not specialized for the purpose of planning a hangout.

Candice Adams


We as humans waste a lot of precious time waiting to do the things that we want because we share space and resources.

The solution our team came up with utilizes the crowd and coordinates data from multiple sensors to reduce wait, allowing us to use the time we would have spent waiting to do the things that matter.

Libra is an ambient system that learns your routine and gives suggestions based on changes in your schedule and real time information about crowd density and movement in a place, traffic, or event.

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Tarhata Guiamelon

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CrossBand is a fitness tracker that enhances the CrossFit experience for both members and trainers. Members use the CrossBand system to share their fitness goals, whether it is to stay healthy, practice endurance for a marathon, or get into shape. Trainers then use this information to customize the workout of the day (WOD) based on who is in the session.

The CrossBand system also facilitates a community around users’ fitness goals. Since the wristband senses others around it, CrossBand will alert the user of people nearby who have the same goal. CrossBand uses the supportive nature and sense of community in CrossFit to create a smaller, more focused, and interest-driven community within it.

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