Process Mapping Visualizations

These process map visualizations by Eileen Kazura, display the detailed processes by which mass drug administration were implemented by DeWorm3 researchers across 3 sites (Benin, Malawi and India) broken down by a total of 18 clusters. 11 of the clusters were community wide mass drug administrations (cMDA) and 8 were school-based mass drug administration (SBMDA).

Community Wide Mass Drug Administrations (cMDA)


Benin cMDA Cluster A

Benin cMDA Cluster B

Benin cMDA Cluster L

Benin cMDA Cluster I


Malawi cMDA Cluster C

Malawi cMDA Cluster D


Malawi cMDA Cluster H

Malawi cMDA Cluster G



India cMDA Cluster M

India cMDA Cluster N

India cMDA Cluster P

India cMDA Cluster Q

School-Based Mass Drug Administration (SBMDA)


Benin SBMDA Cluster J

Benin SBMDA Cluster O


Malawi SBMDA Cluster E

Malawi SBMDA Cluster F


India SBMDA Cluster K

India SBMDA Cluster R