Who We Are

DeWorm3 is a global project consisting of partners around the world working together towards a common goal of interrupting the transmission of soil-transmitted helminths (STH).  From 2015-2020, the Natural History Museum, London (NHM), a world leader in the research of STH and Neglected Tropical Diseases, hosted the project and coordinated this global effort to establish the evidence necessary for informing global implementation guidelines in countries aiming to eliminate STH.  See the NHM’s DeWorm3 project archives here.

The University of Washington Department of Global Health is currently hosting the project and coordinating the remaining phases of this important work with DeWorm3 partners.  Trial sites and support units are led by investigators with extensive research training and expertise in tropical medicine and infectious diseases.

University of Washington Central Coordination Unit


Clinical Trial and Implementation Science Support Unit

Dr. Judd Walson
Principal Investigator

Dr. Arianna Means
Implementation Science Lead

Dr. Kristjana Ásbjörnsdóttir
Trial Protocol and Data Integrity Lead

Sean Galagan
Data Lead

Alyson Shumays
Research Program Manager

Jeanne Goodman
Project Manager

Caroline Kangas
Grants Specialist

Katy Sharrock
Data Manager

Mariyam Shaikh
Data Manager

Koumudi Thanda
Student Assistant

Unblinded Statistical Team

Sean Galagan
Data Reporting Manager

Katherine Thomas
Unblinded Study Statistician

Benin Trial Site

Professor Dorothée


Dr. Moudachirou Ibikounlé
Site Principal Investigator

Dr. Euripide Avokpaho
Site Deputy Coordinator

Parfait Houngbegnon
Site Data Manager

Professor Achille Massougbodji

Dr. Adrian Luty
Site Principal Investigator

India Trial Site

Dr. Sitara Swarna Rao Ajjampur
Site Principal Investigator

Dr. Kumudha Aruldas
Implementation Science Coordinator

Dr. Rohan Michael Ramesh
Trial Co-ordinator

Gideon J I
Site Data Manager

Noel JM Hillari
Study Co-ordinator

Samuel Paul Gideon
Grants Manager

Naveen Kumar S
Device Manager

Chinnaduraipandi P
Field Manager – Jawadhu

Rajeshkumar R
Field Manager – Timiri

Malawi Trial Site

Professor Khumbo Kalua
Site Principal Investigator

Rejoice Msiska
Site Data Manager

James Simwanza
Study Coordinator

Professor Robin Bailey
Site Principal Investigator

Professor Rachel Pullan
Site Principal Investigator

Elliott Rogers
Trial Coordinator

Trial Coordination and Data Support Units

Katherine Halliday
Clinical Trial Operations Lead

Hugo Legge
Clinical Trial Operations Coordinator

William Oswald
Data Systems Lead

Modeling and Trial Simulation Support Unit

Professor Sir Roy Anderson
Support Unit Lead

Dr. Robert Hardwick
Research Associate

Dr. Emily McNaughton
Project Manager

Dr. James Truscott
Research Associate

Dr. Carolin Vegvari
Research Associate

Molecular Diagnosis Support Unit

Dr. Sitara Swarna Rao Ajjampur
Support Unit Co-Lead

Malathi Manuel
Associate Research Officer

Dr. Steven Williams
Support Unit Co-Lead

Dr. Nils Pilotte
Postdoctoral Researcher

Doug Rains
Chief Scientific Officer

Craig Connors
Research Team Lead

Lindsey Turnbull
Director of Technology Development for Global Public Health

We would like to thank and acknowledge the contributions of our partners.