DYSS Review Criteria

  • A strong applicant has extensive experience with presentations, invited talks, and teaching appointments.
  • Teaching and presentation awards highlight an applicant’s communication skills.
  • Letters of recommendation should emphasize – in addition to research output – presentations, invited talks, teaching appointments, and other mentorship
  • Submitted abstracts, which should reflect current research endeavors, should be well-written.
  • The statement of interest should clearly express why the applicant is a good fit for DYSS. It should also highlight the applicant’s accomplishments and outline future career aspirations.
  • Scholarship
  • A strong applicant will have published well-cited papers across a variety of high-impact journals.
  • Letters of recommendation should highlight research skills as well as the applicant’s ability to generate novel ideas and research directions.
  • The submitted abstract should clearly communicate the importance of the applicant’s research, frame it within the landscape of the field, and highlight its overall impact.
  • The applicant’s research should be relevant to chemical and molecular engineering and sciences.
  • The statement of interest should communicate what skills and other takeaways the applicant hopes to gain from DYSS.
  • Achievement
  • A strong applicant will have garnered awards for presentation, teaching, entrepreneurship, and outreach.
  • A strong applicant has experience in taking on leadership roles, such as student organizations, entrepreneurial activities, outreach work, policy, etc.
  • The letter of recommendation should praise the applicant's work ethic, leadership abilities, and extracurricular activites.
  • The abstract should present clear and exciting results, with data and figures to back up claims.
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI)
  • A strong applicant will have demonstrated a commitment to fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout their academic journey.
  • The diversity statement should highlight key DEI initiatives undertaken by the applicant.
  • The diversity statement should also discuss how the applicant aims to uphold DEI principles in their future career plans.
  • All graduate students participating on the DYSS Review Panel go through implicit bias training before evaluating any applications

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