EUB Tutoring

Tutoring will be available for students for the Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters on a drop-in basis, usually on a first-come, first-served basis. The tutor may consider the length of questions when deciding who to help first when appropriate.

We are located in Savery Hall, Room 328 for in person tutoring sessions. In the event that tutoring via zoom is required please contact the EUB prior to a tutor session so we may set up if the tutor is available to do so. We can be reached at Please utilize the Zoom link if we can accommodate:  

We usually we have multiple students to help at one time, please come prepared with specific questions or problems you want the tutor to address.

Please bring lecture material, textbooks and notes to the tutoring session where applicable. This assists the tutor get on the same page as you and your professor.

Tutoring is not offered during finals week.

All tutors can help with 200, 201, 300, and 301. For help with other upper-level courses, please refer to the list of courses offered by each tutor.

The most current version of the tutoring schedule can be found below:
(* indicates that Zoom tutoring is available during a time slot)

If there are any questions please email us at

Tutoring is canceled for Anastasia on Friday, May 31st. Sorry for any inconvenience.