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Emerging Infections Online Course Materials

The following Emerging Infections of International Public Health Importance course materials were fully updated in August 2005 and are being made available at no cost by the APEC EINet project. The course materials are divided into three modules containing learning objectives, lectures by international experts, visual materials, and module questions. We welcome your comments about their utility in your work. The full online course materials are now available by clicking on the link below.

Emerging Infections of International Public Health Importance Course

Emerging Infections & Biopreparedness Online certificate program

Offered by UW School of Public Health and Community Medicine
Administered by UW Extension

Program Overview
Emerging infectious diseases pose a challenge for public health and health care systems across the globe. While many diseases maintain a persistent stronghold on communities all over the world, newly discovered diseases continue to emerge. Countries worldwide must be prepared to address the emergence of new diseases. The Emerging Infections and Biopreparedness online certificate program has been designed by the University of Washington for public health officials and private corporate safety officers who have the responsibility for either developing a proactive bio-response effort to infectious disease outbreak or managing the bio-response effort.

Professionals taking this program gain a realistic appreciation of the importance of emerging infectious diseases impacting international public health. Courses introduce students to some of the most progressive thoughts in the field of emerging infections, informatics and emergency management, and to tools business and government can implement to address the effects of infectious disease outbreak on their employees and communities. The program is designed and taught by leaders in the field of public health, community medicine, biomedical informatics and emergency management.

The overarching learning goal will be for all students to apply the principles of the courses to their own environment or community.

Prerequisites: Because these courses are intended for people with many different backgrounds who will work together as a team to deal with an infectious disease outbreak, prerequisites for this program do not assume advanced training or experience in either medicine, epidemiology or computer science.

Courses of Online Program
Autumn Quarter: Emerging Infections of International Public Health Importance
Winter Quarter: Epidemiology of Biopreparedness
Spring Quarter: Critical Informatics Systems for Infectious Diseases
Summer Quarter: Introduction to Emergency Preparedness

Program Web Page