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Directions to South LAKE UNION

From I-5 north or south: Take exit 167 to Mercer St/Seattle Center.  Turn left at the end of the off-ramp onto Fairview Ave N. Go one block.  Turn right at Republican St.  Go west four blocks to destination

Catch the SLU Shuttle from UWMC or HMC. See for schedules, map, and stop locations.

The SLU Building is serviced by Metro Transit bus routes 17 and 28. See for schedules, trip planning, and stop locations.


Entering the Garage

  1. The entrance to the garage is located on Republican Street.
  2. Driving into the underground facility, under the rolling gate, you will approach a ticket machine.
  3. Pull a ticket from the machine. This will raise the arm allowing you into the garage.
  4. Bring your parking ticket with you- you will need it to pay for your parking and to exit the garage.
  5. Take the elevator up to the first floor lobby. Orin Smith Auditorium will be to your left.
  6. The Reception Desk in front of the elevators is where you pay for your parking.

Exiting the Garage:

  1. Take the elevators opposite the reception desk back to the proper level of the parking garage.
  2. Once in your vehicle, follow the exit signs until you reach the exit gate.
  3. Insert your validated ticket into the machine, which will raise the arm, allowing you to exit the garage.
  4. If the arm fails to lift, please use the call button located on the machine.
  5. If you leave after regular business hours, the rolling gate may be down. Drive towards the gate and the gate should automatically ascend. If it does not, there is a call button there as well for security to assist you.


There are disability parking spaces in the parking garage near the garage elevators. Vehicles using disability parking need to follow the same guidelines as noted above. All vehicles parked in disability parking spaces also need to display a state‐issued or UW‐issued disability permit.

Payment options: PARKING WILL NOT BE VALIDATED, STANDARD UW PARKING RATES APPLY. If you have a parking permit at another UW garage on campus, bring your hang tag (that you put on your rearview mirror) to the front desk and you won’t have to pay for parking.  They will also take ICTs (Individual Commuter Tickets) as a form of payment. 


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