Upcoming Events

Spring-Summer 2021

Science Communication Workshop Series

Genomics Salon is hosting a series of workshops designed to help you practice and refine your science communication style. Each month, we’ll be exploring a different medium with a panel of communicators who will guide us through their unique approaches to communication. In addition, each workshop will feature a creative prompt, allowing you to experiment with the medium and get feedback from the panelists and other participants.

Workshop 1: Written
April 29th at 5pm
Panelists: Katherine Xue (she/her), Ian Haydon (he/him), and Anna Minkina (she/her)
Workshop 2: Artistic
May 20th at 5pm
Panelists: Sayeh Gorjifard (she/her)
Workshop 3: Digital
June 24th at 5pm
Panelists: Jey McCreight (they/them)
Workshop 4: Verbal
TBD (July 22 or 29 at 5pm)
Panelists: M.K. Raghuraman (he/him)