Member Meg Drouhard works to put sidewalks on the map

Posted by Anissa Tanweer on October 14, 2016

The Open Sidewalks Team: Nick Bolten, Kaicheng Tan, Jess Hamilton, Meg Drouhard, Tom Disley, Anat Caspi, Vaughn Iverson, and Bryna Hazelton

Lab member Meg Drouhard worked as a fellow for the Data Science for Social Good program at UW’s eScience Institute over the summer.  Meg’s “Open Sidewalks” team–four fellows, two data scientists, and two project leads–worked to improve standards and make more pedestrian data openly available.  In particular, they focused on expanding access to data that could help people with limited mobility better navigate cities.  The project was featured on the White House Fact Sheet (, and two team members presented at the Data Science for Social Good Conference in Chicago.  More information about the project can be found at