Adolescent Health Transition Project
Why Health?
Health in the IEP
Involving the Teen

For School Nurses

The School Nurse is a key member of the team for a child with a disability or special health care need. He or she has access to health information and connections to the student’s family and the health care community that can be very helpful in planning for secondary transition. The health implications of a disability or health condition can have very important effects on student success and outcomes. Helping the IEP team understand the relevance of this information is an important role for the School Nurse.

Depending on student needs and nurse availability, there are several possible levels of involvement for School Nurses in the IEP process. They can be an active member of the IEP team, participating in the entire process; they can participate only in the IEP team meeting to share student-specific information and a health perspective; or they can simply send student-specific written information to the planning meeting.

The tools below will help School Nurses understand the IEP and Transition IEP, locate diagnosis-related information and resources, and guide the inclusion of health in the Transition IEP.

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