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Fiber Scanned Displays

True 3D Displays

The True 3-D display is a volumetric 3-D display projected with a beam of light that is scanned in X, Y, and Z axes—creating a three-dimensional sculpture of light that appears to float in space. Viewers of the True 3-D display can point and focus their eyes at different objects at different depths in the display, bringing them in and out of focus just like real objects at different distances. For a simple illustration of this effect, move your mouse cursor over the image to the right as if it were your gaze. As your cursor points at the statue in the foreground, it comes into sharp focus, and the brick wall in the background is slightly blurred. As you move the mouse cursor to the brick wall, the statue is slightly blurred—just as would be the case if you were viewing real objects at different distances.


This research is supported by a grant from the National Science Foundation Major Research Instrumentation program, NSF/BES grant number 0421579.


For more information about True 3D displays, please contact Dr. Brian Schowengerdt.


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