About Jesse

Jesse Zalatan
Bagley Hall 421
(206) 543-1670
  • Associate Professor ¦ 
Department of Chemistry ¦ 
University of Washington
  • Adjunct Associate Professor ¦ 
Department of Chemical Engineering ¦ 
University of Washington
  • Faculty ¦ 
Center for Synthetic Biology ¦ 
University of Washington
  • Faculty ¦ 
Biological Physics, Structure and Design Program ¦ 
University of Washington
  • Faculty ¦ 
Molecular Engineering and Sciences Institute ¦ 
University of Washington

Jesse began his independent research program at the University of Washington in 2014 with a focus on cell signaling networks and gene regulation. He uses approaches from mechanistic enzymology, biochemistry, and synthetic biology to study and engineer biological networks.

Jesse received his Ph.D. in chemistry from Stanford University, where he worked with Daniel Herschlag on mechanism and evolution in enzyme-catalyzed phosphoryl transfer reactions. He performed postdoctoral research with Wendell Lim at the University of California at San Francisco, where he studied mechanisms for controlling specificity in cell signaling networks and developed CRISPR-Cas tools for eukaryotic gene regulation.


Postdoctoral Fellow ¦ 
University of California, San Francisco ¦ 
Advisor: Wendell Lim ¦ 
Ph.D. ¦ 
Chemistry ¦ 
Stanford University ¦ 
Advisor: Daniel Herschlag ¦ 
A.B. ¦ 
Biochemical Sciences ¦ 
Harvard University ¦ 


Burroughs Wellcome Career Award at the Scientific Interface ¦ 
Damon Runyon Postdoctoral Fellowship ¦ 
Hertz Foundation Graduate Fellowship ¦