Current Preprints

King, B.R., Sumida, K.H., Caruso, J.L., Baker, D., Zalatan, J.G. “Computational stabilization of a non-heme iron enzyme enables efficient evolution of new function.” bioRxiv 2024.04.18.590141

Fontana, J.*, Sparkman-Yager, D.*, Faulkner, I.*, Cardiff, R., Kiattisewee, C., Walls, A., Primo, T.G., Kinnunen, P.C., García Martín, H., Zalatan, J.G., Carothers, J.M. "Guide RNA structure design enables combinatorial CRISPRa programs for biosynthetic profiling." bioRxiv 2023.11.17.567465

Peer-Reviewed Research Publications

Cardiff, R., Faulkner, I., Beall, J., Carothers, J.M., Zalatan, J.G. "CRISPR-Cas tools for simultaneous transcription & translation control in bacteria." Nucleic Acids Res. 2024, gkae275.

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bioRxiv preprint

Burbano, D. A., Cardiff, R.A.L., Tickman, B.I.; Kiattisewee, C., Maranas, C.J., Zalatan, J.G., Carothers, J.M. "Engineering Activatable Promoters for Scalable and Multi-Input CRISPRa/i Circuits." Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. 2023, 120, e2220358120.

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bioRxiv preprint.

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bioRxiv preprint.

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bioRxiv preprint.

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bioRxiv preprint.

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bioRxiv preprint.

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Featured on the cover of Cell.

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Other Publications (Reviews/Book Chapters)

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