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NOTE: The UW recently migrated from Yammer to Viva Engage. This resulted in the deletion of our boards. We are working with UWIT to re-establish similar boards on Viva Engage and will update this page with direct links when they are available. We appreciate your patience with this transition.


Who is this board for?

This board is for all UW students to locate a language exchange partner for conversation practice, tutor exchange, etc. For paid and one-directional language tutoring (e.g., hiring a Spanish language tutor) please see our other Yammer page for language tutoring. This page is only for languages exchanges where there are no fees. Charging for language practice or tutoring is not allowed on this board.

What is the easiest way to find the language that I'm looking for?

As Yammer does not sort discussions alphabetically or allow for pinning of more than one discussion, we recommend using our static index below this FAQ to easily browse and find links for all of the various language discussion threads.

How do I post what languages I can offer?

You can post in a discussion for a language that you are able to act as more advanced speaker/learner that you are able to offer that language in exchange.

For example: If you are a proficient speaker of Vietnamese, you would post in the Vietnamese discussion. In your post you would list the languages that you are interested in learning/practicing.

A post might look like this:

"Hi, I am a proficient speaker of Vietnamese and am interested in practicing Swahili, Danish or Mandarin. I am open to meeting on the UW Seattle Campus or via Zoom."

How do I find a conversation partner for a language that I am interested in learning?

You can browse the discussion for the language you are interested in.

Once you locate someone who is offering the language that you wish to practice (and they might be interested in learning a language that you are able to offer), you can hover on their profile and click on their email address and send them an email or to send them a chat.

If you are unable to find someone, you can post that you are interested in learning the language on the board as well.

What if I don't see the language I can offer or am interested in on the board?

There is a discussion thread for Other Languages (not currently taught at UW).

If there is a language that is currently taught at UW but not represented, please contact with the language you would like added and we will add that discussion thread.

How can I advertise my services as a local tutor if I don't have a UW NETID?

Please email with a short paragraph describing your services, contact information and language(s) that you tutor. We will add your information to the board.


Please contact Safe Campus or the UW Police (911) if you have any urgent or serious concerns. The board should be limited to UW students who are using their official accounts, but no system is completely secure. Please follow all online safety measures and be cautious when sharing information. If you plan to meet in person with your language partner, please follow general safety precautions as well (e.g., meeting in a public place). The UW LLC is unable to supervise exchanges or vet posts beyond basic moderation. If you have concerns with a post or poster that you believe deserves additional moderation, please contact However, again, if you have any serious or urgent concerns, contact Safe Campus or the UW Police (911).

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