Media Production Services and Studio

The LLC offers a Media Production Studio to assist Faculty and Staff in language instruction and research related projects. (Language-adjacent and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion related projects are also possible projects. Please contact us with any ideas you have and we will see if it is feasible considering our resources.)

The studio is located in our center on the ground floor of Denny Hall. We have a well-insulated and equipped studio for producing media for language instruction and related projects.

The studio must be reserved in advance and a trained LLC staff member must always supervise any recording sessions. In most circumstances, LLC staff can assist with pre- (e.g., planning) and post- (e.g., editing, titles, color correction, effects) production.

Audio Production

Our studio can record multiple speakers at a time. Remote recording (i.e., outside of the studio) is possible in some circumstances. Contact us about the goals of your project to see if and how we might help.

Video Production

Please contact us to discuss a potential project!

Location: Denny Hall 1st floor

Working Hours: Monday-Friday 8am-5pm

Contact Us:
Phone: 206-543-0536
Fax: 206-685-1732
Campus Mailbox: Box 353140