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Kathleen J Millen, Principal Investigator

Kathleen J Millen
Kathleen Millen is a Principal Investigator at the Center for Integrative Brain Kathleen Millen is a Principal Investigator at the Center for Integrative Brain Research at the Seattle Children's Hospital Research Institute and a Professor of Pediatrics/Division of Genetics, at the University of Washington. She received her Bachelors of Science degree at the University of Calgary, Alberta Canada having been introduced to molecular and developmental biology by her undergraduate research mentors, Drs. David Bazett-Jones and James McGhee. She received her PhD in Medical Genetics at the University of Toronto under the mentorship of Alexandra Joyner. She then conducted post-doctoral work at Rockefeller University in New York City with Dr. Mary E. Hatten. She was appointed Assistant, then Associate Professor at the University of Chicago from 2001-2010 in the Departments of Human Genetics and Neurology. She joined Seattle Children's Research Institute Center for Integrative Brain Research and the University of Washington Department of Pediatrics in July 2010.

Current Members

Kathleen Millen
Principal Investigator
phone: +1 206 884 3225

Parthiv Haldipur
Post-doctoral Fellow
phone +1 206 884 1187

Branden Nelson
Research Scientist

Achira Roy
Post-doctoral Fellow
phone: +1 206 884 5490

Jonathan Skibo
Research Technician
phone: +1 206 884 5487

Christopher Traudt
Assistant Professor of Pediatrics/Neonatology
phone: +1 206 685 3544

Paul Wakenight
Research Scientist
phone +1 206 884 1159

Theresa Zwingman
Research Scientist
phone +1 206 884 5493


Research Scientist

Victor Chizhikov (2002-2013)

Post-doctoral Fellows

Kathryn Waimey (2009-2010)
Samin Sajan (2009-2011)
Katherine Steshina (2010-2013)

PhD Students

Inessa Grinberg (2001-2005)
Anne Lindgren (2001-2007)
Kimberly Aldinger (2005-2008)
Evelyn Kim (2005-2009)
Yuriko Mishima (2004-2009)
Marissa Blank (2004-2009)

Research Technical Personnel

Richard Roberts (2001-2004)
Kanayo Tatsumi (2004-2006)
Mary Rose Rogers (2009-2010)
Kathleen Bailey (2009-2010)
Cindy Wang (2009-2012)

Undergraduate Student Researchers

Moon-He Li (2005 Summer)
Yien Li (2006 Summer)
Sotoru Kudose (2007 Fall)
Scott Ponce (2007 Winter)
Katie Bailey (2007 Summer - 2010 Winter)
Nicholas Trojanowski (2007 Spring - 2009 Fall)
Emmanuel Aryee (2008 Fall - 2009 Summer)
Maritza Gomez (2008 Fall - 2009 Spring)
Yuwen Wu (2008 Fall - 2009 Summer)
Talia Nasr (2008 Summer - 2009 Fall)
Michael Herriges (2008 Winter - 2010 Winter)
Gwendolyn Gillies (2012-14 Summers)
Elaine Fulton (2013 Winter . 2014 Spring)
Lucas Smith (2013 Winter-2014 Spring)