HHMI Gilliam Seminar Series, April–May 2022

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All talks can be attended in person at U.W. or virtually on Zoom.

Dr. Clara Williams (She/Her)

Postdoc, University of California, Berkeley

4 April (Monday) 12-1pm, HCK132

Identifying Demethylase Transcriptional Regulators

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5 April (Tuesday) 12-1pm, LSB201

Standing on the top of Trees

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Prof. Beronda Montgomery (She/Her)

Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean, Grinnell College

19 April (Tuesday) 12-1pm, LSB201

Seeing The Light: Plant Color Vision and Developmental Acclimation

No recording is available for this seminar.
20 April (Wednesday) 12-1pm, HCK132

Lessons from Plants on Human Thriving

No recording is available for this seminar.

Dr. Jonelle Basso (She/Her)

Postdoc, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, DOE Joint Genome Institute

9 May (Monday) 12-1pm, HCK132

Assessment of viral influence on plant root colonization by plant growth promoting rhizobacteria

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10 May (Tuesday) 12-1pm, LSB201

The intersectionality of mentorship and resilience within the academic landscape

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Prof. Terri Long (She/Her)

Associate Professor, North Carolina State University

16 May (Monday) 12-1pm, HCK132

Iron at the intersection of development and multi-stress resilience

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17 May (Tuesday) 12-1pm, LSB201

Black in Plant Biology – A Perspective

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Hosted by Prof. Jennifer Nemhauser and Román Ramos Báez in coordination with the UW Biology DEC. See last year’s program here.