Graduate Program in Neuroscience

DACA Students

What if I have DACA-Status?

The University of Washington Neuroscience Graduate Program welcomes applications from individuals with DACA status; additional information on DACA status can be found here.

Because individuals with DACA status are not eligible for NIH Training Grants, we are limited in the financial support we can provide. To ensure that students with DACA status have funding, the Program requires these applicants to find a Neuroscience Graduate Program faculty mentor who is willing to commit financial support for the student, and to present a Letter of Support from the faculty mentor with the application.

Applicants with DACA status will not be admitted to the program unless a letter of support is obtained, and applicants are strongly encouraged to begin this process during the year prior to applying to our program. Please note that this mentor support letter does not oblige the student to do their dissertation research in the lab of that supporting mentor. Rather, if in the process of doing rotations the student finds another mentor who can provide financial support, then the student would be free to join that lab.

Following are sites which provide information on graduate school funding both internal and external to the University of Washington.

  • Grants and Funding Information Services: This office provides a great deal of information regarding on and off campus funding sources, including teaching assistantships, fellowships and student employment.  They host drop-in advising and you can also schedule an in-person meeting.
  • Graduate School Fellowships page: This page contains a wealth of funding resources.
  • Graduate Opportunities & Minority Achievement Program (GO-MAP). The GO-MAP office serves the needs of underrepresented graduate students across campus and administer a number of awards and fellowships. You can inquire with them on the eligibility requirements through the GO-MAP website.