Graduate Program in Neuroscience

Finances and Student Support

All Neuroscience students who maintain full-time enrollment and satisfactory progress in the program are supported with a salary and/or stipend/fellowship and their tuition is covered.


GPN students are paid the variable rate RA salary for Biomedical Research Departments, which can be found here:

Applicants are encouraged to apply for National Science Foundation or other individual fellowships. Most Neuroscience students also qualify for a variety of NIH institutional training grants awarded to the University of Washington.

Tuition Waivers

The tuition waivers include basic tuition (operating & tech fees) for graduate students. Students who are not residents of Washington State also receive waivers for the non-resident tuition portion, but are highly encouraged to establish residency after their first year. Students are usually only responsible for the student activity fees and the UPASS.


Health (medical/dental/vision) insurance is available to eligible students at no cost, and to their families at a modest cost. Details on the Graduate Appointee Insurance Plan are available via the UW Human Resources website (

NSF Graduate Fellowships

An unusual feature of NSF Graduate Fellowships is that students may apply for fellowships even before they have been accepted into a graduate program. We encourage students applying to our program to apply for an NSF fellowship. Applying for and receiving such a fellowship is not essential, because our Program guarantees full tuition and stipend support for all entering students. However, having applied for an NSF fellowship may be seen as a favorable indication of the student’s strong motivation.