AeroSpec app combines government air quality data with personalized readings from a small portable monitor to show where the user is exposed to pollutants and allergens.

UW | 09.01.2020

Using state-of-the-art sensors, DEOHS researchers team up with UW colleagues to track aerosols in a hospital environment.

UW DEOHS | 07.27.2020

NRG will support the development of innovations that have the potential for transformational impact in areas of pressing societal need.

UW CoMotion | 06.08.2020

Aquagga, co-founded by Brian Pinkard won the 2020 Alaska Airlines Environmental Innovation Challenge grand prize for the  patented technology for destroying toxic and hard-to-treat PFAS chemicals.

UW ME | 04.24.2020

In honor of all the women across the world, we’d like the share a recent article one of our students, Courtney Otani, wrote for the American Physical Society.

APS News | 03.08.2020

UW Engineering’s reporter recently sat down with AeroSpec to learn how they move their technologies toward business.

UW College of Engineering | 03.02.2020

The team received funding after they completed six months of milestones under the mentorship of industry leaders from across the community.

UW Foster Blog | 02.11.2020

Ion propulsion is a fantastical new way to power robots by accelerating ions instead of burning fuel or spinning rotors.

Wired | 07.04.2019

The team of electrical and computer engineering students from our group combined innovative hardware and software to create a real-time air quality monitoring system.

UW Daily | 05.28.2019

A team from our group (Motif Materials) idea to make battery technology more sustainable won the top prize at the Alaska Airline environmental innovation challenge.

GeekWire | 04.05.2019