Odegaard Writing and Research Center

OWRC People

Erin Cotter

OWRC Director

Erin has directed the Odegaard Writing and Research Center since August, 2019. She received her Ph.D. in English Literature and Film from the University of Texas at Austin in 2018. In Texas, she spent five years working in the writing center as both a tutor and an administrator. As Director, Erin creates and executes the…

Languages: English

Hope St. John

Graduate Coordinator

Hope is a fifth-year doctoral student in the Department of Anthropology, where she focuses on sociocultural anthropology, visual ethnography, and urban China. She holds a BA in Urban Studies and Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences from the University of Washington Tacoma and an MA in Chinese Studies from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. At the…

Languages: English


Research Librarian

Amanda is the Teaching & Learning Program Librarian and the Geography Librarian. She chairs the UW Libraries Teaching & Learning Group and coordinates the Odegaard Undergraduate Library education program and loves working with instructors to teach research skills and resources to students. Holding one-on-one research and writing consultations with students is her favorite part of…


Research Librarian

Anne is the Anthropology and Archaeology Librarian for the UW Libraries. She reads a lot of graphic novels and comics, which explains why she has so many geeky posters in her office. See Anne’s libguide profile below:


Research Librarian

Deborah is a reference and instruction librarian at Odegaard. Her background includes a MM in Musicology (aka the study of the history and literature of music) and a MS in Information Science along with 25 years as a music information specialist and educator. She is an armchair philosopher who has been described by peers to…


Undergraduate Tutor

Erik is a senior in the UW Honors Program majoring in International Studies with two minors in Hellenic and European Studies. He enjoys working with writers on critical analysis and research papers especially, but he is happy to help assist with any type of writing! He has worked as a research assistant for two years,…

Languages: English


Research Librarian

Harry is the African, American Ethnic, and American Indian Studies Librarian. He is also a member of Odegaard Undergraduate Library’s top-notch research librarian team. A Florida native, Harry received his Master of Science in Library Service from Columbia University in the City of New York. Harry also has a Master of Applied Social Sciences from…


Undergraduate Tutor

Janine is a senior undergraduate pursuing a dual-degree in English-Creative Writing and Speech & Hearing Sciences. With prior tutoring experience from another institution, she enjoys working with writers on developing narratives within personal statements, cover letters, and brainstorming or outlining ideas. She is happy to assist in helping writers with any part of the writing…


Program Coordinator

Jesse started working at the OWRC in April of 2020. He has a Bachelor of Arts in English and a Bachelor of Science in Education from Drexel University. He previously has spent the past seven years working in libraries, and is excited to bring all he has learned in research, academic writing, and time management…


Multilingual Speaker, Undergraduate Tutor

Johanna is a third-year undergraduate majoring in Business and intending to minor in Diversity. She developed her writing skills in a newsroom and particularly enjoys the storytelling that comes along with writing. She hopes to help others organize their thoughts and ideas, and she is happy to help in any stage of the writing process….

Languages: English, Mandarin Chinese

John H.


John is the Expository Writing Librarian at the UW and a co-founder of the Writing & Research Center. He has a B.A. in English Studies from Michigan State University and an M.S. in Information Science from Wayne State University and has spent most of his librarianship teaching and promoting effective information use. John savors the ways in which the OWRC brings…

Lauren F

Multilingual Speaker, Multilingual Support Tutor, Undergraduate Tutor

Lauren is a third-year student double majoring in Social Work and Education, Communities, and Organizations while minoring in Music. Through her experiences at UW, she has become familiar with writing personal statements, cover letters, literary analyses, and research papers. Aside from those, she is always happy to help writers with other types of writing. From…

Languages: English, Tagalog


Multilingual Speaker, Multilingual Support Tutor, Undergraduate Tutor

Sarvin has graduated with a degree in Education, Communities, and Organizations. As the Targeted Learning Communities coordinator and a multilingual writer herself, she has experience and enjoys working with multilingual writers. She likes to work with writers in all stages of the writing process, but particularly enjoys the brainstorming phase. Her favorite writing assignments are…

Languages: English, Farsi


Graduate Tutor

Safi is a graduate student in the University of Washington’s Graduate English Department. Her research interests include disability and critical race studies, cultural and media studies, and queer theory. She is excited to help writers at any part of their writing process and has extensive experience in developing personal and artist statements and in editing…


Multilingual Speaker, Multilingual Support Tutor, Undergraduate Tutor

Julianne is a senior double majoring in Geography data science and Real Estate. As a multilingual speaker, Julianne is passionate about bridging the challenges that multilingual students and writers experience. She has worked with a lot of multilingual and ESL students from two institutions, which has opened opportunities for her to collaborate with students. She…

Languages: English, Ilocano, Tagalog


Multilingual Speaker, Undergraduate Tutor

Sooyong is a fourth-year undergrad doubling in the Foster School of Business and English Language & Literature, and minoring in Education, Learning, & Society (ELS). As someone with a wide variety of academic interests, she is excited about how the writing and thinking process is a valuable skill in all fields and circumstances for all…

Languages: English, Korean