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Writing in graduate school is hard, but it doesn’t have to be. Through a series of conversational interviews with graduate students, this podcast from the Odegaard Writing and Research Center offers a practical companion to writing at the graduate level by asking experienced students about their writing processes and practices. By placing graduate students in dialogue with one another, we aim to open up a conversation about how writing actually happens across disciplines. Listen in as our guest writers talk about what works for them and how to work around some of the pitfalls they have encountered. Maybe you’ll even find a strategy that is right for you!

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Season Two

Episode 1: Karen & Elyse

Audio Transcript: Episode 1

In this special episode, we hear from Karen and Elyse, graduate students in the University of Washington’s Master of Library and Information Science and Master of Arts for Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages programs, respectively. Listen in as they chat about they chat about their experiences, including grappling with perfectionism, navigating pressure, and reflecting on one’s one writing.  

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Episode 2: Lily & Madison

Audio Transcript: Episode 2

In this episode, Lily and Madison – both nearing the end of their dissertation writing – share their takes on time management, responsibility in writing, and the specter of critique.

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Episode 3: Biljana & Lily

Audio Transcript: Episode 3

In this episode we hear from pre-candidacy doctoral students Biljana and Lily as they chat about experiences of writing early on in a doctoral program, finding your niche, balance, and thinking about feedback.

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Episode 4: Brittney & Christopher

Audio Transcript: Episode 4

In this episode, we talk to Brittney and Chris, doctoral candidates from the College of Arts and Sciences. Listen in as they discuss transformation, problematizing the production of knowledge, sustaining oneself, and engaging conversations outside of traditional academic spaces.

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Episode 5: Christina & Ayda

Audio Transcript: Episode 5

In our final episode of the season, we chat with doctoral students Christina and Ayda and get their takes on beginnings, challenges of interdisciplinary practice, seeking out feedback, and finding inspiration.

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Teaser: Announcing Season 2

 Audio Transcript: Teaser

Season One

Episode 1: Hollis & Hope

In our first episode, we hear from doctoral candidates Hollis and Hope from UW’s Department of Anthropology as they discuss their changing processes of writing and one of the most common challenges of writing – revision.

Audio Transcript: Episode 1

Episode 2: Yoli & Glenys

This episode brings together doctoral candidate in archeology, Yoli, and museology master’s student, Glenys, to discuss how they have navigated writing for different contexts, aims, and audiences with a special focus on public-facing work.

Audio Transcript: Episode 2

Episode 3: Caroline & Aaron

In this episode, we talk with graduate students Caroline and Aaron from the Art History and China Studies programs at UW, who discuss their master’s theses, the challenges of adapting to writing at home, seeking input from others, and the ongoing work of refining one’s writing process.

Audio Transcript: Episode 3

Episode 4: Sam & Michelle

In our final episode of this season, we listen in on doctoral candidates from UW’s Department of Philosophy, Sam and Michelle, who discuss how to manage expectations from yourself and others to find a productive balance between academic work, writing, and everyday life.

Audio Transcript: Episode 4