Alliance for Pandemic Preparedness

May 18, 2020

Covasim an Agent-Based Model of COVID-19 Dynamics and Interventions



  • The COVID-19 Agent-based Simulator (Covasim), which has been applied world-wide to examine disease dynamics and policy options, can be used to project epidemic trends, explore intervention scenarios, and estimate resource needs in the pandemic COVID-19.  
  • Covasim accounts for demographic information, realistic transmission networks in different social layers, age-specific disease outcomes, and intrahost viral dynamics. It also supports an extensive set of non-pharmaceutical interventions and testing interventions, which can incorporate the effects of delays, loss-to-follow-up, micro-targeting and other factors. 

Kerr et al. (May 15, 2020). Covasim an Agent-Based Model of COVID-19 Dynamics and Interventions. Pre-print downloaded May 18 from