Alliance for Pandemic Preparedness

October 12, 2020

Safely Reopening K-12 Schools During the COVID-19 Pandemic



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  • [Pre-print, not peer reviewed]A modeling study of different school reopening plans indicated that plans that provide for multiple days in school in a row and divide students into smaller cohorts, as well as those that emphasize distance learning, are better able to suppress outbreaks and reduce risk if an individual with COVID-19 enters the community. Such plans were found to be protective for both the students and surrounding community by separating the larger population into smaller intermixing subpopulations. The authors state that the “Five-Day Switch” plan, which divides students into two cohorts, each of whom attend class in person for five consecutive days followed by distance learning for five days, best captures these protective attributes.

Shelley et al. (Oct 12, 2020). Safely Reopening K-12 Schools During the COVID-19 Pandemic. Pre-print downloaded Oct 12