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December 21, 2020

US Public Attitudes Toward COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates



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61.4% of US adults who completed a Gallup Panel web survey between September 14 and 27, 2020 indicated they would likely get a COVID-19 vaccine. Nearly one-half (48.6%) of respondents thought requiring a COVID-19 vaccination for children attending school was acceptable. Individuals likely to get a COVID-19 vaccine accepted mandates at higher rates than those who were unlikely to do so (mandates for children, 73.6% vs 23.7%; for adults, 65.0% vs 17.3%; for employees, 72.5% vs 22.9%). Democrats were more likely than Republicans or Independents to accept state vaccine mandates for children and adults and accept employer-enforced employee mandates. Fewer respondents who identified as Black accepted state mandates for adults than non-Black respondents (42.7% vs 27.0%). No gender differences were observed. 

Largent et al. (Dec 18, 2020). US Public Attitudes Toward COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates. JAMA Network Open.