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February 10, 2021

Major Update: Remdesivir for Adults With COVID-19



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Updates from a living systematic review and meta-analysis of remdesivir for adults with COVID-19 indicated that remdesivir likely results in little to no mortality difference (RR=0.93, n=4 randomized trials), but potentially improves the percentage recovered and may result in a small reduction in the proportion receiving ventilation (RR=0.71, n=3 randomized trials). Compared to a 10-day course for those not requiring ventilation at baseline (n=2 trials), the review found that a 5-day course may reduce mortality, the need for ventilation, and serious adverse events.

Kaka et al. (Feb 9, 2021). Major Update: Remdesivir for Adults With COVID-19. Annals of Internal Medicine.