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February 13, 2021

Cardiovascular Sequalae in Uncomplicated COVID-19 Survivors



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Evaluation for cardiac abnormalities was performed at 1 to 4 weeks after hospital discharge among 97 survivors of non-severe COVID-19 who had been hospitalized but did not require intensive care. The abnormalities identified included sinus bradycardia <50 beats per minute (7%), newly detected T-wave abnormality (8%), elevated troponin level (6%), newly detected atrial fibrillation (1%), and newly detected left ventricular systolic dysfunction with elevated NT-proBNP level (1%). [EDITORIAL NOTE: The study also reports that >20% of participants had sinus bradycardia with a heart rate of 50-60 beats per minute, but the clinical significance of this finding was unclear.]

Zhou et al. (Feb 11, 2021). Cardiovascular Sequalae in Uncomplicated COVID-19 Survivors. PLOS ONE.