iNaturalist “How to” Guide

1. Join The Snow Fly Project on iNaturalist mobile app

Follow the steps in the visual guide below to join our citizen science project on the iNaturalist mobile phone app. Doing this will allow the researchers carrying out The Snow Fly Project to know the approximate number of people participating in the project and will allow them to reach out to participants through the app.

Mobile phone screenshots of how to join our iNaturalist project

2. Document a collection occurrence in iNaturalist mobile app

In the next set of instructions, we demonstrate how to select the appropriate location settings for the iNaturalist app on your mobile phone as well as how to record a Chionea collection occurrence.

Mobile phone screenshots of how to record a collection occurrence on iNaturalist

2 thoughts on “iNaturalist “How to” Guide

  1. I found your project by random chance a couple days prior to an impromptu snow shoe adventure on Blewett pass and had the good fortune of finding a snow fly. Did the best with what I had to collect sample since I wasn’t prepared! Sending specimen your way. Hope its helpful. Found the app. and setup very easy. Look forward to searching for more specimens!
    John Marshall

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