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Research Papers

Published and Forthcoming

Conference and Working Papers

Thesis and Dissertation Projects

Master's Theses

Jennifer Holsinger. 2003. “Perceptions of Racial Discrimination among High School Seniors in Tacoma.”

Nikolas Pharris-Ciurej. 2005. “The Ordering of Future Life Outcomes: The Relationship Between Expected Age at First Birth and Expected Level of Educational Attainment."

Karen Brooks. 2006. “Social Factors Contributing to the Formation of High School Friendships."

Stephanie Ewert. 2007. “Being Prepared, Getting into Trouble, and Related Behavioral Problems: A Comparison of Immigrant and Native Born Students.”

Tim Lum. 2008. “How Much of the Higher College Going Rates of Students in Private Schools is Due to Selection?"

Doctoral Dissertations

Maya Magarati. 2010. “Home Language Fluency, English Language Proficiency, and Bilingualism and the Transition to College.”

Doctoral Dissertations in Progress

Nikolas Pharris-Ciurej. "Do Significant Others Matter?: Assessing the Role of Socialization
Measures in the Educational Attainment Process."

Lynne Taguchi. "Divergent Paths: Race and Ethnic Educational Disparities in the Immigrant Assimilation Process."

Irina Voloshin. “Work Matters: Consequences of High School Employment on College Enrollment.”


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