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Welcome to the Behavioral Research Center for HIV (BIRCH) at the University of Washington. This developmental Center, funded by the National Institute of Mental Health (P30 MH123248), provides infrastructure and support for high-impact science on HIV and mental health and a research home for like-minded scholars. The Center emphasizes interdisciplinary research on the behavioral aspects of the epidemic, especially how we can better integrate mental health treatment into HIV prevention and treatment strategies. In addition, the Center offers technical assistance, training, and pilot funding as well as nurtures the next generation of diverse HIV researchers through training and mentorship. Our goal is to facilitate the dissemination of the latest advances, not just within academic circles, but to HIV service providers, affected communities, and policymakers as well.

The Center is led by Drs. Susan Graham and Lydia Chwastiak with support from Patrick Raue (Developmental Core Director), Julie Dombrowski (Integrated Care Core Co-Director), and Brian Flaherty (Methods Core Director). The Center is supported by Administrative Director Susan Mello and Program Manager Sherly Herrera. 

UW BIRCH prioritizes partnerships with our university, community, and global partners, without whose support we cannot succeed. We look forward to working closely with our partners and building this Center together.  

Center Organization

UW BIRCH includes four cores: Administrative Core, Developmental Core, Integrated Care Core, and Methods Core. 



Mission, Vision, and Cross-cutting Themes


Our mission is to catalyze research that integrates mental health and HIV prevention and care, guided by communities and practitioners seeking to end the epidemic. We aim to support and apply the science of dissemination and implementation, to bring such interventions to scale.  


We envision an end to the HIV epidemic by addressing the determinants and symptoms of mental illness and HIV, through holistic person-centered prevention and care.  

Cross-cutting Themes

  • Nurturing local and global partnerships for learning and innovation by engaging communities of providers  
  • Addressing inequities by testing research solutions that reduce disparities. 

Acknowledgement of BIRCH support or services

If your research has benefited from UW BIRCH support, please acknowledge UW BIRCH in your publications and presentations using the following text. You can download the UW BIRCH logo here.

To acknowledge support in the form of UW BIRCH pilot funding:
This research was funded by a 20XX [enter appropriate year of award] developmental award from the University of Washington Behavioral Research Center for HIV (BIRCH), a NIMH-funded program (P30 MH123248).


To acknowledge any other form of UW BIRCH support, e.g., Core services:
This work was supported by the University of Washington Behavioral Research Center for HIV (BIRCH), a NIMH-funded program (P30 MH123248).