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Faculty & Staff

UW BIRCH draws upon the unique talents of researchers from wide and varied backgrounds. From statistics to virology, from psychology to health administration, the one and only unifying trait amongst our faculty and staff is this: we are all dedicated to and passionate about lessening the impact of HIV upon an individual’s mental health.

Administrative Core

image of Susan Graham
Susan Graham


image of Lydia Chwastiak
Lydia Chwastiak

Associate Director, Administrative Core

Director, Integrated Care Core

image of Susan Mello
Susan Mello

Administrative Director

image of Sherly Herrera
Sherly Herrera

Program Manager

image of Michele Andrasik
Michele Andrasik

Community Liaison

Developmental Core

image of Patrick Raue
Patrick Raue


image of Roberto Orellana
Roberto Orellana

Associate Director

Integrated Care Core

image of Lydia Chwastiak
Lydia Chwastiak

Associate Director, Administrative Core

Director, Integrated Care Core

image of Julie Dombrowski
Julie Dombrowski


image of Anjuli Wagner
Anjuli Wagner


Methods Core

image of Brian Flaherty
Brian Flaherty


image of Kwun Chuen Gary Chan
Kwun Chuen Gary Chan

Associate Director

image of David Huh
David Huh


image of Bryan J. Weiner
Bryan J. Weiner


image of Chongzhi Di
Chongzhi Di


Affiliate Faculty

image of Allison Webel
Allison Webel

BIRCH Affiliate Faculty

image of Emily Williams
Emily Williams

BIRCH Affiliate Faculty

Community Action Group

Comprised of experts and leaders within our local communities, the Community Action Group serves the dual-purpose of providing an outside perspective on evaluating BIRCH’s strategy and research while also weighing in on developing best-practices for community engagement.

image of Alejandra Grillo-Roa
Alejandra Grillo-Roa

Prevention and Care Program Manager of Entre Hermanos

image of Renee McCoy
Renee McCoy

HIV/Aids Program Manager of African Americans Reach and Teach Health Ministry

image of Kathleen Wilcox
Kathleen Wilcox

Executive Director of African Americans Reach and Teach Health Ministry

image of Martha Zuniga
Martha Zuniga

Deputy Director of Entre Hermanos

Local Scientific Advisory Board

The Local Scientific Advisory Board is comprise of researchers, non-profit leadership, and community-partners based in the greater Seattle area. Similarly to the Global Scientific Advisory Board, the members of the Local SAB serve to monitor BIRCH developments in an effort maximize the impact of our work when implemented in real-world settings.

image of Joseph Cerimele
Joseph Cerimele

Assistant Professor

image of Rachel Chapman
Rachel Chapman

Associate Professor

image of Matt Golden
Matt Golden

Associate Professor

image of Mary Larimer
Mary Larimer


image of Judith Tsui
Judith Tsui


image of Lori Zoellner
Lori Zoellner


Global Scientific Advisory Board

Extending beyond the borders of the Seattle area, members of the Global Scientific Board assist in checking the progress and practices developed by BIRCH faculty and staff. Additionally, their varied expertise in technology, services, and resources are drawn upon to assist in shaping our work to adhere to real-world functionality.

image of Melanie Abas
Melanie Abas

Professor of Global Mental Health at King’s College London

image of Rivet Amico
Rivet Amico

Associate Professor at the University of Michigan

image of Pamela Collins
Pamela Collins

Professor and Chair of the Department of Mental Health at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

image of Jessica Haberer
Jessica Haberer

Director of Research at the MGH Center for Global Health

image of Renee Heffron
Renee Heffron

Professor at the University of Alabama at Birmingham

image of Manasi Kumar
Manasi Kumar

Senior Implementation Scientist at the Brain and Mind Institute

image of Rena Patel
Rena Patel

Assistant Professor

image of Brian Pence
Brian Pence

Associate Director and Affiliate Faculty at UNC

image of Inge Petersen
Inge Petersen

Director of Rural Health at the University of KwaZulu-Natal

image of Steven Shoptaw
Steven Shoptaw

Professor and clinical psychologist, UCLA and the University of Cape Town

image of Roman Xu
Roman Xu

Director of Institute of Global Health (SIGHT)