Mission, Vision and Values


Since the 1980s, the mission of the BRTC is to build lives worth living by advancing Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and other effective treatments for individuals at high risk for suicide and those with complex multiple co-occurring disorders.


We believe that all people in need of effective treatments for mental health disorders should be able to receive them. Our vision is to have compassionate and effective treatments for difficult-to-treat mental disorders developed, improved, and made available for dissemination. We are committed to the training of graduate students to become clinician-scientists who can provide DBT to individuals at high-risk for suicide and who can adapt DBT for a variety of populations.


  • Rigorous and critical thinking
  • Passion for truth
  • Devotion to data wherever it leads
  • Mindfulness in the work environment
  • Willingness to share knowledge with practitioners and with the next generation of clinical researchers
  • Compassion for the individuals we are trying to help