Database FAQs

 My poster from a previous Fall Research Fair has several projects on it – what should I do?

We recommend making three separate slides/images and listing the projects out separately. See Dr. Dupuis or Dr. Jensen’s projects. Splitting them up makes it easier for students to search and view.

Can I use an image other than a research poster?

No. While images are powerful and compelling, we request you only use recruiting posters to maintain a consistent theme. Download Poster Template (ppt).

On my poster, some content is out-of-date but the project is still going. Do I need to make a new poster?

No. If your project changes after the Fall Research Fair, make changes to the database text to ensure the opportunity listing stays current. You can even write in the additional information text field “Poster published in 2017, but listing was updated Jan 2018.” We’ll request an updated poster every fall for the Research Fair.

Why do I have to type up my poster image?

Typing the data improves search functions and makes the information accessible (screen readers can’t read pictures). The Research Form allows a uniform user experience that students will feel comfortable searching through all listings, regardless of the school or project.

My poster text doesn’t fit very well in the text boxes, suggestions?

This format is set up for recruiting students for research or creative practice projects. We recommend following the Poster Guidelines PowerPoint, available under the Faculty Dashboard page.

I usually have 498/499 research students but they pick the topics. What should I do?

We recommend you create a slide that looks like a research poster and explain how they can drive their own questions with a faculty mentor. Maybe add subjects you normally coach on, or even previous projects. We made one for Dr. Chang (it was at the bottom of another project) you can look at.

My user name is wrong. How do I change it?

Email us at with the correction.

When I post my topic, do I need to wait for approval for publishing?

No. You are posting under your UW NetID. Once you hit publish, your post is up publicly. You can edit your post if you need to make a correction right away.

Some posters have a gray margin around the edges, and some are framed perfectly. Why?
The Fall Research Poster (print) dimensions requested a standard 36”x24” format, in some cases 48”x36”. This is the same image we moved over and why many of the posters have a gray border on the left and right sides when viewing on the Students Research Opportunities page. We want to streamline your efforts, so if you make a recruiting poster for Fall 2018, we recommend using these dimensions so you’re ready to print without any extra work.

If you don’t like the margins, you can adjust the slide size to 36”x20” (a 9:5 ratio). Note that if you resize a slide in PowerPoint, sometimes you can have reformatting issues! We recommend shifting the edges allowing a 2” margin on the top and bottom and just trim the margins after you save it as a .jpeg or .jpg.

More questions?

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