Educating Young Eyes: Vision Assessment and Training Apps

Educating Young Eyes: Vision Assessment and Training Apps
Schools or Programs: Computing & Software Systems, Educational Studies, Nursing & Health Studies (NHS), Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM)
Location(s): UW Bothell
Quarter(s): Fall, Spring, Summer, Winter
Includes the quarter to apply or participate.
Hours per Week: 1hr - 3hrs
Estimated weekly effort
Compensation: No compensation or volunteer position

Unlike other large introductory biology classes documented in the literature, the attitudes of students that take BBio220 shift toward expert-like thinking with regard to concepts surrounding biology and biology problem-solving. We are now studying what is contributing to this shift in attitude. Is it due to what is happening in class, on the blog, or in peer facilitator lead breakout sessions?


Students will analyze video lectures and blog entries in order to present findings at the UWB and UWS undergraduate research symposia and UWB and UWS teaching and learning symposia in the spring.

Student Outcomes

Students will collaborate on this research project and will have opportunities to present their work at conferences.
Students will be introduced to the biology education research community.

Student Qualifications

Students with an interest in teaching biology are highly recruited.
Any students wanting to participate in a biology education research project are encouraged to contact me.
New to the education field? That is okay too!!

Student Responsibilities

  • Participate in weekly research meetings.
  • Listen to video-captured lectures and categorize and quantify themes and practices.
  • Read blog posts, create categories, and code data.
  • Work independently and as part of a team working toward a common goal.
  • Create a poster of results to present at a conference.
  • Be willing to give oral presentations of work.

Time Commitment

We will be working on this project for the entire year, with goals of presenting this work at undergraduate research symposia in the spring and educational conferences in the summer. I am looking for individuals interested in working 6-10 hours per week on this research project.

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