T4G (Tech for Good)

T4G (Tech for Good)
Schools or Programs: Computing & Software Systems, Engineering & Mathematics, Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM)
Location(s): UW Bothell
Quarter(s): Fall, Spring, Summer, Winter
Includes the quarter to apply or participate.
Hours per Week: 1hr - 3hrs
Estimated weekly effort
Compensation: No compensation or volunteer position

T4G (Tech for Good) Goals

  1. CS Education – Improving students’ problem-solving and technical interview skills
  2. CS Education – Leveraging GitHub and other tools to provide automated feedback
  3. Games – Identifying and creating sample game mechanics in Unity3D
  4. AI – Building a human mind, implementing symbolic reasoning systems

Student Outcomes

In-depth knowledge of the chosen area; Learn to balance collaborative and individual work, Earn credit as a capstone or independent research

Student Qualifications

Junior or Senior undergraduate student; Strong programming background

Student Responsibilities

Attend weekly meetings;


Ongoing projects

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