Our Mission

The EFM group brings together researchers from across UW interested in the fluid mechanics of rivers, lakes, and oceans. The students, postdocs, faculty, and staff in the group are committed to creating and upholding a diverse, collaborative, and inclusive environment. 

March 2023; Christine Baker’s Defense

Our Research

The goal of the Environmental Fluid Mechanics group is to advance impactful, rigorous research to serve society and understand environmental change. The research within this group spans a wide range of applications in the environment, from theoretical models of turbulence to coastal management questions. We foster open access in our research, including sharing ideas, methods, and results in accessible formats. Our group meets weekly to discuss technical aspects of research as well as to build community and just have fun.

Diversity and Inclusion

We recognize that the geosciences are among the least diverse fields in the US, a result of racist systems, structures, rules, language, expectations, and guidelines in science itself. These conditions cause Black, Indigenous, and Hispanic people to leave the field at higher than average rates. In the EFM group, we seek to address the inequitable, unjust discrimination faced by many scientists– discrimination that reduces the effectiveness and impact of all research. We know that the diversity of a research team improves the research itself. The EFM group is committed to building more equitable recruiting practices of both faculty and students and to working to make the community more inclusive, so that underrepresented members feel welcome, heard, and seen. 

Education, Outreach, and Stakeholder Engagement

As a group, we aim to support the exchange of ideas and knowledge within the wider university community and beyond. To address this goal, we commit to:

  • Integrating environmental and social justice into courses
  • Exploring ways to improve our teaching methods
  • Engaging with K-12 students through outreach events, such as the UW Discovery Days and the Pacific Science Center’s Curiosity Expo 
  • Offering opportunities for undergraduate students to engage in research through REUs
  • Encouraging graduate students to seek mentorship from a diverse group of scientists and activists
  • Seeking out research that serves disadvantaged and under-served communities
  • Engaging with stakeholders in all stages of our research, from the initiation of projects to the completion and sharing of findings and data

Meeting Schedule